Scientific and practical permanent seminar in 2023 "Neurological Discussions: Demyelinating Diseases"

Format: face-to-face (online format is possible for experts)

Invited to participate: neurologists, rehabilitation specialists, neuroradiologists (MRI specialists) and other interested specialists.

Documentation for this training event will be submitted to the CME Training Activities and Materials Evaluation Panel.

Workshop structure:
1) Discussions "for" and "against" on selected topics (3 topics, of which 2 are mandatory for treatment);
2) Clinical analysis of 2-3 cases (at the choice of the person responsible for the seminar from the region).

All-Russian Society of Neurologists
ROKIRS (Russian Committee of Multiple Sclerosis Researchers)
Regional Multiple Sclerosis Centers of the Russian Federation

Regions and dates of the permanent workshop in 2023:

Volga Federal District
Date: FEBRUARY 10, 2023 Venue: Orenburg
Rep. Velmeikin Sergey Borisovich

Volga Federal District
Date: MARCH 03, 2023 Venue: Perm
Rep. Trushnikova Tatyana Nikolaevna

Ural federal district
Date: APRIL 08, 2023 Venue: Yekaterinburg
Rep. Turova Elena Leonidovna

Siberian Federal District
Date: 1-2 JULY 2023 Venue: Barnaul
Rep. Smagina Inna Vladimirovna

Far Eastern Federal District
Date: August 25, 2023 Venue: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Rep. Glavinskaya Natalya Georgievna

Southern Federal District
Date: OCTOBER 13, 2023 Venue: Rostov-on-Don
Rep. Goncharova Zoya Alexandrovna

Siberian Federal District
Date of event November 03, 2023 Venue: Omsk
Rep. Soldatova Olga Anatolievna