Around the world, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is made every five minutes

Neurologist Olga Boyko talks about the epidemiology of the disease, its symptoms, availability of treatment and diagnostic methods.

Multiple sclerosis is classified as a “disease of the young” and “disease of civilization.” The number of patients with it in the world is growing. More than 150 thousand people live with this disease in Russia. But now available technologies make it possible to identify MS in a timely manner. Today, it is characterized by the problem of overdiagnosis, neurologist Olga Boyko, head of the neurological department No. 2 of the Federal Center for Brain and Neurotechnology, told Izvestia in an interview. On the eve of International Multiple Sclerosis Day - May 27 - she named the symptoms of the disease, methods of its prevention and diagnosis, and assessed the situation with drug provision for patients in Russia.

“Multiple sclerosis is not a genetic or hereditary disease; it develops through a combination of several predisposition factors and external factors. First of all, it manifests itself clinically. In families, 10-15% of cases have multiple cases of multiple sclerosis.”

“This disease is now classified as a disease of civilization. Around the world, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is made every five minutes. More than 150 thousand patients live with him in Russia.”

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