Doctors told how many people have multiple sclerosis in the world

Doctors told how many people have multiple sclerosis in the world

The number of patients with established multiple sclerosis has reached about 3.5 million people and continues to grow, including young women, said Professor of the Department of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Medical Genetics of the Russian National Research Medical University named after. N.I. Pirogova, head of the department of neuroimmunology of the Federal Center for the Brain and Neurotechnologies of the FMBA Alexey Boyko.

“Now in the world there are about 3.5 million people suffering from multiple sclerosis who have been diagnosed with this. The situation is such that now this diagnosis is given to a new person every five minutes in the world, somewhere around every five minutes someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In all countries, the number is increasing. In Russia, about 150 thousand patients, of course, is increasing,” Boyko noted during the press conference.

The professor added that today the increase in patients is primarily due to young women.

"If they used to say that it (multiple sclerosis - ed.) is concentrated in certain areas of the globe, no, now everyone suffers from this disease everywhere. Somewhere more often, somewhere less often. But where less often, for example, African Americans are rare. But if it is rare, then it is a very severe course. But now it is no longer possible to say that there are some populations that are completely free from multiple sclerosis. It is registered almost everywhere and in everyone,” Boyko said.

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